Yannick is a designer from the future, but in the present. In addition to his different disciplines mastering such as art direction and typographic design, his freshness and own style have led him to create successful campaigns such as “És molt fàcil conviure” for Barcelona’s City Hall.  Basically, he can do it all; it doesn’t matter if you need an institutional campaign to educate people on civic behaviour or one against Instagram censorship policy on female nudity. Oh mama! Hit me up!


Citizenship campaign for Barcelona’s City Hall, which was implemented in every public OOH space of the city: streets, bars, squares, buses, posters, bus stops… The whole city witnessed how easy it could be to coexist with one another.


Launching campaign for the ninth edition of the Barcelona’s lighting, art festival, Llum Bcn, an event that transforms the city’s streets and squares in an experimentation laboratory through light as a creative tool.


Xceed’s rebranding, an app to find the best nightlife activities in your city.


Advertising campaign for Moritz’s limited edition. Design and adaptation to different OOH platforms.