The advertisement festival season doesn’t highlight on ICÒNIC’s calendar, however this year we submitted an entry to two of them with a lot of excitement and with a project in which we trusted even before it was made.

“No future without water” will be part of the Spanish Advertising Annual 2021 that the association  ‘Club de Creativos’ has put together throughout the last two decades, making ICÒNIC the only Valencian creative production company that has managed to classify itself and be among the 157 works that have been selected to appear in the book that collects the best advertising of Spain.

Simultaneously, the film was also shortlisted in the Post-Production and Special Effects category at El Sol, the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication. This recognition is especially welcome, as the post-production process for the piece matched with the collapse caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the uncertainty shook the audiovisual sector, we had the opportunity to devote our full attention to this project, pampering the details during two months of post-production and integration of SFX, Motion Graphics and color grading, in addition to the ad hoc soundtrack created by the music composer Lucas Vidal.

Finally, it is important to say that the project was born and grew out of the client’s will to combine its Corporate Social Responsibility with a courageous creativity on which they gave ICÒNIC total freedom. For this reason and in conclusion, “No future without water” is the living example that when a brand dares and believes in the team behind it, the reward is undeniable.