Through words, Mireia is capable of merging with the brands’ value, materializing their promises in fresh, coherent, and relevant communication. That’s what she has done for brands like Etnia Barcelona or content agencies like PlayGround Studio. Summarizing, there is no field that Mireia can’t lead.


The campaigns listed below have been thought and developed by Mireia Fields.

ICÒNIC has not intervened neither in the creativity nor the execution of them.


Digital action for Nipple Magazine that meant the first art exhibition in Instagram Stories with the goal of growing the community through a viral action. In addition to having a big impact on the media, the campaign reached more than a million visualizations on the main Instagram account and the number of followers doubled in a matter of a week.


Digital version of Cruzcampo’s campaign “Con mucho acento” through Interactive Instagram Stories, implementing the creative concepts of the original campaign of “character” and “authenticity”.


Podcast for Consum with the goal of positioning the Valencian supermarket chain in the city of Barcelona. In the first season of “Ración Doble” with Bibiana Ballbè as a host, experts on nutrition try to erase taboos related to Veganism or women’s health.