Since they emerged on the Valencian music scene, La Fúmiga has demonstrated that the only road to success is the one of perseverance and effort.

At the end of 2018 we joined their project through the making of their music videos. “Cançó que mai s’acaba” was the first of the eleven stories that we have shared with La Fúmiga. Now, almost three years later, we deliver “Ja no fa mal” with the feeling of having evolved alongside them, seeing their inclusive vision of festive music grow, at the same time as their community of followers.

Throughout the journey that has led them to share the stage with leading artists of the Valencian music scene such as Zoo, El Diluvi, JazzWoman, Aspencat and now Samantha, La Fúmiga has trusted in the audiovisual narrative as the channel to represent all their songs, giving life to the messages of their lyrics and putting a face to the characters in their stories.

In addition, all along their upward trajectory they have transformed the meaning of “music video”, shaping it through social media and using it as a communication link with their followers.

Their presence and activity on platforms such as Instagram has not only served as a springboard to become the iconic band that they are today, but has also crossed borders, representing the language and culture of the País Valencià in countries such as Argentina, Peru or Colombia.

La Fúmiga are the clear example that perseverance and hard work undoubtedly pay off. It has been a pleasure to witness that process and it will continue to be so… because there is much to come and honoring their lyrics “this song never ends”.