One could assume that our natural habitat is the shooting set, but we can do a lot of things other than getting up early, sweating by loading and unloading material and yelling “Silence!”.

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On many occasions, we find ourselves in the position of transmitting too complex content in a short period of time. An extremely useful tool in such cases is animation.

The Qatium brief was clear, we had to explain, in a didactic way, sustainable water engineering concepts to get the general public to change their daily behavior and make a more responsible use of water.

We already had created for the brand’s launch spot a whole graphic universe and an animated character that would serve as a common thread for the independent pieces of Motion Graphics.

From there, the writing process with cyw was a delight. We knew that our Artificial Intelligence character would be the narrator, but the messages had to be formulated in an easy understanding code, adjusted to the wide audience we were addressing. We managed to summarize pages and pages of technical and scientific information in less than a minute and a half, within a balance between didactics and entertainment.

Undoubtedly, illustration and animation were the processes in charge of bringing these pieces to life. Even before the filming of the spot, Juli Martínez already had the brand’s universe in mind. Not only did he immediately understand the needs of the project, but he also met them in an exquisite way, contributing to it with his vision and personal style, as well as with meticulous craftsmanship that resulted in a trilogy of high-quality Motion Graphics.

Finally, and with his “physical” form in our hands, the character needed a voice. Suanne Braun, dubbing, theater, film, and television actress, gave personality to our animated character, giving it just the right degree of irony and humor and thus crowning this great collaborative project.

After months of work and thanks to the involvement of the entire team, we achieved our goal: to transform complex processes into accessible messages condensed into short pieces, in an attractive way.