In February 2020 we finally hung the plaque with our logo on the central wall of the office. That is right, very corporate; so, when the courier enters the office (after ignoring the signs on both doors) he does not have to ask, “Is this ICÒNIC?”

Approximately five minutes after placing the plate, we decided that it was time to change the corporate image of the production company and that this logo would no longer be the logo.

To do this, the first step was to go back and redesign the brand manual … Easy, right? Well, it was not. During the pandemic, and while we were getting used to working in pajamas and to all the: “you’re muted”, “oh, I don’t see you”, “I’m sharing my screen” and “you’re frozen”, Mireia Fields came to our aid and directed us to throughout the entire creative process of ICÒNIC’s new graphic identity.

We knew two things for sure. Firstly, the new design had to be a representation of our values ​​and, therefore, avoid pomposity. And secondly, the yellow box had to disappear.

Mostrar el diseño del logo de ICÒNIC

We wanted the whole world to understand ICÒNIC as we understand it. What is iconic? In the answer we came up with our leitmotif: every icon represents a common idea. Iconic I everything that, through its repetition, coexists in the collective imagination becomes an icon for the only reason of being shared. Everything that is common, that belongs to all of us, is what works best.

Therefore, ICÒNIC’s vision is based on a collection of common references that anyone can identify with. Ultimately, we want our work to prevail and the brands behind it to be remembered.

Mostrar el diseño de papelería de la compañ

Yannick understood and materialized that brief perfectly. Our logo responds to that definition of “icon”, to that idea repeated over time. It was a gift to see the values ​​and the vision that represents the production company reflected in the very name of it. And not only in the logo, Yannick knew how to adapt the essence of the design to each visual identity tool, creating a homogeneous image of ICÒNIC.

After a year, this website completes the change of our visual identity. We are the same, only a little bit fitter. Ah! The plate is still there… so we can say we amortized it.

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