Common Works Best

ICÒNIC is a creative production company that works across all areas of audiovisual content, Motion Graphics, design, and creativity.
We create icons based on common ideas.
609, 2021

‘No future without water’ makes it into the Spanish Advertising Annual and El Sol’s shortlist

The advertisement festival season doesn't highlight on ICÒNIC’s calendar, however this year we submitted an entry to two of them with a lot of excitement and with a project in which we trusted even before it was made.

609, 2021

Meant to be

Since they emerged on the Valencian music scene, La Fúmiga has demonstrated that the only road to success is the one of perseverance and effort.

609, 2021

No future without water

A message from the future warns us about the risk that we mean to the world’s sustainability as we know it. In this sci-fi short film, the scientist Isaac Nowak and Qatium, the Artificial Intelligence that he has created, educate us about the global crisis of water scarcity and guide us to revert the irresponsible use we make of it.